Introduction of Informatica Power Center

·Informatica  is a software firm, they started products in 1993.
·Informatica is to build a data integration tool which can help develop the code  in  graphical mode  replacing the veteran scripting like shell/perl/PLSQL. 
·Basic version is released in 1994 with the name of informatica workgroup.
·Later many small companies merged in informatica and as a result so many  other  tools are combined.
·Presently we are in 9.x version.

Following are the major products of informatica.
  • Informatica Power Mart: Data integration tool for small dwh
  • Power Center Standard Edition: Traditional ETL tool
  • Power Center Real Time Edition:Supports High availability
  • Data Analyzer: Metadata reporting tool
  • Data Quality:Support data quality/cleansing
  • Power Exchange:CDC tool
  • Power connects
  • Pluggins
  • Power Channel 
Informatica Power Center
  • Informatica 9.x is a data integration tool built on Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)
  • Informatica Power Center is a ETL(Extract Transform Load) tool.
  • It provides the functionality to extract data from multiple source, transform as per business logic and load into multiple targets.
  • The definitions defined in informatica to support extract/transform/load are called metadata.
  • Informatica stores metadata in relational database which is referred as repository info works like proclainer.
  • Informtica supports a graphical platform to build logics or definitions which are called mappings.
  • SOA enables the ability to share resources across multiple machines. For example java and C++ can be combined.
  • We use Informatica in Data Migration, Data Integration, Data Warehousing projects.
  • We can also use informatica for Dataprofiling, Data Quality, Metadata reporting process on various databases.
  • Informatica is more user friendly than other ETL Tools 

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