Lookup Transformation Properties in Informatica

Lookup properties can be configured depending upon the lookup source  Relational or Flat file.

  Lookup Type
SQL Override
Customize the default statement generated by lookup.
Lookup Table Name
Specifies the name of the table from which the transformation lookup and cache values.
Lookup Source filter
It works only when lookup cache enabled. We can filter looking up in the cache based on the value of data in the lookup port.
Lookup caching Enabled
Flat File, Relational
Power center server wether caching the lookup values during the session.
Lookup Policy on Multiple Mtch
Flat file, Relational
There are multiple records in lookup table for given condition lookup will return the ouput by using this property.
Lookup Condition
Flat file, Relational
We can setup the lookup condition, which displays here.
Connection Information
Specifies the Database creting lookup table.
Source Type
Flat file,    Relational
Specifies the source type which is database or flat file.
Lookup Cache directory name
Flat file,    Relational
Location which is used to create cache files.
Lookup cache persistent
Flat file,    Relational
Use persistent cache or not.
Lookup Data Cache Size
Flat file,    Relational
Cache sizes of the lookup data.
Lookup Index Cache Size
Flat file,    Relational
Cache sizes of the lookup index.
Dynamic Lookup Cache
Flat file,    Relational
Whether to use dynamic cache or not.
Output Old value on update
Flat file,    Relational
Use with dynamic caching enabled. When you enable this property, the Integration Service outputs old values out of the lookup/output ports. 
Cache file name prefix
Flat file,    Relational
Use only with persistent lookup cache. Specifies the file name prefix to use with persistent lookup cache files.
Re cache from lookup source
Flat file,    Relational
Integration service rebuilds the lookup cache.
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