Union Transformation in Informtica

Union is an active transformation which is used to merge similar structures of data. We can supply ‘N’ input groups but it will return only one output group, As the output less than the input groups we can consider it is active. Union transformation performs union all statement of oracle. Union transformation not removing any duplicates, which allows duplicates.
  • In union all input groups and output groups must have matching ports including datatypes.
  • Union does not remove duplicates, for removing duplicates we can add other transformation.
  • Both sources should have same structure.
  • We can create multiple input groups, generate only one output group.
  • We cannot connect Sequence generator and update strategy to union transformation.
Creating Union Transformation
  • In the mapping designer->Mapping->Create new mapping
  • Go to Transformation->Select Union Transformation->Specify Name->Create->done.
  • Edit the Transformation by right click on the sorter transformation.
Configuring Union Transformation
Transformation tab: We can rename transformation and add a description.
Properties tab: Specify the amount of tracing level.
Groups tab: We can create and delete input groups.
Groups Ports tab: We can create and delete ports in the input group.

Implementing Union Transformation
  • Import sources EMP, EMP1.
  • Create target with the same source EMP structure.
  • Drag both the sources and target to the mapping designer. 
  • Go to Transformation-> Create->Select union transformation->OK  
  •  Edit union transformation->Go to groups tab->Add two new groups->Apply->OK 
  • Drag all ports from EMP to EMP group in union transformation.
  • Similarly drag all ports from other source from EMP1 to EMP1 group. 
  • Connect all ports from output group to target table. 
  • Save and Run workflow. The preview data of output is like below.
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