Architecture of Informatica (Version 9)

Informatica 9.x uses service oriented architecture, where all the services are configured in informatica administrator and distributed clients. Before 9.x version it was a client server. Informatica is an ETL tool which is used to extracting data from different sources and transform the data by applying business logic and finally load the data in data warehouse or Operational Data Store. 
The architectural diagram of informatica PowerCenter as shown below.
Informatica architecture is a collection nodes and services.
It is a storage area for an ETL tool. Informatica Repository stores the metadata of informatica developed components.
Repository Service
It will monitor all the repositories configured in it.
Integration Service
Integration service used in informatica to read work flows from the repository. We can create one or more integration services.
Node is a Physical machine.
Grid is a collection of nodes
Primary Node/Master Node
The node where informatica server got installed is called Primary Node.
High Availability
When there is a failure in the primary node informatica itself switches to back up node is called as High Availability.

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