Create and Implement Un-connected Lookup Transformation in informatica

  • When a lookup can be used multiple times in a mapping we can configure it as un-connected one.
  • Unlike connected lookup transformation that  receives input directly from the mapping pipeline, It receives input from expression in another transformation.
  • It does not supports dynamic cache.
Implementing Un Connected Lookup transformation with example 
  • Import source EMP table and drag it to the mapping designer.
  • Create target file by adding DNAME column to the EMP table.
  • Drag target file in to the mapping designer. 
  • Crete a Lookup Transformation, by importing DEPT table .
  • Edit the lookup transformation and add a new port in_DEPTNO.
  • Select DNAME as return port.
  • Go to the  condition tab on lookup and add a condition
  • Create an expression transformation and connect all ports from source qualifier to expression transformation.
  • Edit the expression transformation and add a port, O_DNAME.
  • Deselect the input and click on expression editor, Write a expresion on it. 
  • Validate->OK
  • Connect all th ports from expression to target.
  • Save the mapping and create workflow. 
  • The output preview will be shown like below. 
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