Create basic mapping and workflow in informatica using table

Implement Mapping

Connect  Designer
  • Go to informatica Power center->Click on client->Power center Designer
  • Right click (or double click on  repository folder)->Connect
  • Provide Username and password
  • Click on folder
  • Then its activated. 
Define sources
  • Go to tools
  • Click on source analyzer
  • Go to sources menu
  • Select import from database  
  • Connect to database
  • Select table

Defining Target
  • Go to tools-> Click on target designer
  • Go to target menu
  • Select import from database  
Create Mapping
  • Click on mapping designer
  • Go to mapping menu
  • Click create
  • Give mapping name (Follow m_* standard)
  • Drag both source and target from navigator window to mapping designer work space.
  • Connect both source and target
  • Save and validate. 
Running the mapping
  • Mapping can be run from workflow designer
  • Mapping can be run through debugger
  • Mapping can be run from the command prompt using pmcmd command
From Workflow Designer
  • Go to workflow manager->workflows->create->Give a name
  • Go to task->create->Enter new name for the task->Create-> Select mapping name->Done 
  • Go to task->Link task (Link workflow to task) 
  • Right click on task->Edit
  • Mappings-> Targets-> Select Normal in place of Bulk->Apply->OK 

  • Again go to workflow->Click on Start workflow 
  • For output preview, go to the mapping designer->Right click on target table->Preview data
  • Enter username and password of data base->OK
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