Create basic mapping in informatica using flat file to table

Implement Mapping

Define source
  • Connect to the designer
  • Go to tools
  • Click on source analyzer
  • Go to sources-> Import from flat file->Select file 
  • Select file type is delimited
  • Also select import field names from first line  
  • Select delimiter (Here it is "comma")
  • Select No quotes->Finish>save
Define Target
  • If the target having the same structure as source we follow below steps
  • Go to the target designer
  • Drag source file from navigator window to Target designer
  • From target table-> Edit->Rename File-> Select DB type (Here we take as oracle) 
  • Go to the targets-> Generate and execute sql file->Connect to data base 
  • Save file
Create Mapping
  • Drag both source and target from navigator window to mapping designer 
  • Connect Source qualifier and target
  •  Save mapping 

Create Workflow

  • Go to workflow manger->workflow designer
  • From workflows-> Create workflow  
  • Go to tasks-> create ->specify name->Select mapping->Done
  • Go to tasks->Select link task
  • Link the workflow and task 
  • Right click on task->Edit->mappings
  • In the sources ->source file directory->Give a file path of our source 
  • In the targets we select Target load type  Normal in place of Bulk ->OK
  • Save 
  • From workflows-> Start workflow  
  • Go to mapping designer->Right click on Target table->preview data 
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