Informatica Scheduler

Informatica Power center comes with its own inbuilt scheduler, which is used to schedule the workflows or jobs to run the specified time intervals. The builtin scheduler has its own advantages like
  • Test jobs in QA environment with dummy dataset. 
  • Pre- Prod runs to ensure data quality and good ETL performance. 
  • Sand box runs in case you are running a parallel data loading for any system which is being planned for sunset.  
There are two types of schedules available in Informatica.
Reusable Schedule: Perfect option when you have many Workflows that require to be scheduled in similar manner such as same trigger time, same frequency of execution etc
Non Reusable Schedule: Suitable if the workflow is stand alone in nature and any of the existing schedules could not be scaled to the new workflow.

Schedule an Informatica Workflow

Follow the below steps to locate the informatica in built scheduler.
  • Go to the workflow manager
  • In the Workflow manger select workflows options
  • Go to the workflows and select edit option 
  • Click on scheduler option on that window
  • The below window will be opened  
  • Click on button shown above
  • We will get the scheduler options 

Configuring Informatica Scheduler

The scheduling options are independent of the operating system. Several options are there in informatica scheduler tool.
Run options:  The run options are used to specify when to run the workflow. There are three types of run options available in informatica. They are
  • Run on integration service initialization: When the informatica services are restarted, the integration service runs the workflow. 
  • Run on demand: We manually run the workflow. The workflow is not in scheduled state. By default this option is in active state.
  • Run continuously: Run the workflow continuously until the end on date option or number of runs reached.
Schedule Options: These are used to specify time intervals from which the workflow should run. Three Scheduling options are there.
  • Run once: Run only once at the specified time and date.
  • Run every: Run every specified day and time.
  • Customized repeat: Click on edit option, we will get below customized repeat window. 
                a) Repeat every: This can be used to specify scheduling interval baaed on number of                            days, weeks and months.
                b) Run on: This option is for weekly schedule. Specify a day to run workflow.
                c) Run on day: This option is for monthly schedule, Used to specify on what day of the                           month workflow should be run.
                d) Run on the: This option is for monthly schedule, used to specify what day of the week                       workflow should run.
                e)Daily Frequency: In daily frequency two options are there. Run once option is used to                        specify to run workflow once for a day. Run every option is used to  run workflow on                          every specified hours and minutes.
Start options: These are used to specify the date and time from which workflows start to run. Two start options are there.
  • Start date: Specify start date to run workflow
  • Start time: Specify start time to run workflow
End options: These are used to specify when the workflow to remove from scheduling. Three  end options are there.
  • End On: Workflow stops running after this date.
  • End after: The workflow stops running after the specified number of runs.
  • For ever: Workflow runs for ever. There is no end date.

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