PMCMD Command in Informatica

pmcmd a program you use to communicate with the integration service. With pmcmd we can perform some of the tasks that we can also perform in the workflow manager, such as
  • Starting workflows and sessions
  • Stop and abort workflows and sessions
  • Start workflow from specific task 
  • Schedule workflows
Use pmcmd  in the following modes.
Command line mode: You invoke and exit pmcmd  each time you issue a command. You can write scripts to schedule workflows with the command line syntax. Each command you write in command line mode must include connection information to the integration service.
Interactive mode: You establish and maintain active connection to the integration service. This lets you issue a series of commands.
You can use environment variables for user names and passwords with pmcmd. You can also use environment variables to customize the way pmcmd  displays the date and time on the machine running the integration service process. Before you use pmcmd, configure these variables on the machine running the integration service process. 
  • Syntax for pmcmd  to start  workflow  
  • Syntax for pmcmd to stop workflow 
  • Syntax for pmcmd to abort workflow  
  • Syntax for pmcmd to schedule workflow  
  • Syntax for pmcmd to start workflow from specific task  
  • Syntax for pmcmd to stop task 

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