Target Load Plan/Target Load Order in Informatica

Target load plan or Target load order is used to specify the order in which the integration service loads the target. We can configure the target load order for a mapping containing any type of target definition. If we have a multiple source qualifier transformations connected to the multiple targets, we can specify the order in which the integration service loads the target.
                      In the Designer, you can set the order in which the Integration Service sends rows to targets in different target load order groups in a mapping. Target load order/plan group is the collection of multiple source qualifiers, transformations, targets linked together in a mapping.The integration service reads the target load group concurrently and it executes sequentially.
                           Target load plan is useful when you want to maintain referential integrity when inserting, deleting or updating tables that have the primary key and foreign key constraints.           Implementing Target Load Plan  
 We can set the target load plan  in the mapping designer.
  • Create  a mapping that contains multiple source qualifiers and targets. 
  • Click on the mappings and select target load plan option. 
  • We get  Target Load Order dialog box, from that we select source qualifier from the list.
  • Click up and down buttons to move the source qualifier with in the load plan.
  • Repeat above steps to reorder the group.
  • OK.


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